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The New American Crypto IMC TokenIs Launching Next Month

About The IMC Token

  • Currently resides on Ethereum Blockchain
  • White papers to prove efficacy
  • Bank of America Platinum Business Card
  • Lightning fast trading platform based in Wyoming
  • Global solutions for useless crypto bottlenecks
  • 300,000,000 tokens available
  • 120,000,000 tokens discounted to early movers

What is World Crypto Life?

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About World Crypto Life

Throughout the boom in Bitcoin value, many purchased them and different cryptocurrencies with the idea of a further price hike, but it started plummeting soon. That’s when the worth and scope wrongly fell, causing people to have wallets filled with “useless coins.” This was when World Crypto Life came with a Blockchain opportunity to make all those coins useful. A customer-centric entity for the best cryptocurrency exchange & marketing solutions – World Crypto Life (WCL).